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Our Company is interested the most in delivering users the best experience in watching Movies & TV Shows, we developed CMS for OTT Solutions to meet all user preferences and project management needs

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Efficiently manage and organize your digital content across multiple platforms and devices. With a CMS, you can upload, edit, and publish videos, images, and other media files.

Encoding system

Enables content providers to deliver high-quality video and audio with DASH-CMAF to your viewers over the internet.


Our OTT solution offers support for both SVOD and PPV models and can be accessed on a variety of devices, including PCs and laptops, Android and iOS mobile devices, and smart TVs.

Subscription Models

We support both SVOD (Subscription Video-On-Demand) and PPV (Pay-Per-View) models, offering our viewers the flexibility to choose their preferred way of accessing our content.

Watch on what you have

The OTT solution provides full support for SVOD and PPV models, allowing users to easily access high-quality video content on their PCs and laptops. The platform includes advanced features such as customizable interfaces, user management, and secure payment processing, ensuring a seamless user experience.

PCs & Laptops


Easily manage your content with our CMS, featuring pages, categories, and custom content lists. Our platform also supports metadata publishing, allowing you to easily import information for movies, TV shows, and videos from popular sources like TMDB and IMDB.

Content Management

Encoding system

  1. Our encoding system allows you to easily upload your video content to the cloud for processing and distribution to your desired platforms.

Cloud Upload

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